Gracie's Pet Furniture
~~~ New and Trendy Bed-Type Enclosures Designed Especially For Your Pets ~~~
Our company's goal is to provide pet owners with non-traditional furniture pieces and accessories at
competitive prices that will provide pets with a personal space where they can relax and enjoy.

Our Cat & Dog Crawl-in Dens


  • Comes in 2 (two) styles: Dome or Flat-top
  • Serves as an enclosed lounging and sleeping area for pets​​
  • Allows the pet to easily crawl into a comfortable and secure den
  • Helps pets to rest and relax more soundly
  • Serves as a scracthing pad for cats
  • Provides a two-sided opening for easy access and ventilation
  • Features a removable top lid for easy placement and removal of bed cushion
  • Serves as a furniture piece that can accent any room